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Choose Us for Trusted Custodians at Your Red Deer Area Workplace

Maintaining a clean facility goes a long way in creating a welcoming space for your clients. A cleaner workplace also means more comfortable – and perhaps more productive – staff members.

Choice Janitorial provides commercial cleaning to the owners in Red Deer with professional custodians ready to deliver comprehensive commercial building cleaning services. Our cleaning professionals work responsibly and provide timely maintenance of the different components of your building.

We can service your workplace once a week with office cleaning and bathroom sanitation services. Our team is capable of fixing small issues, and for your convenience, we have contracts with electricians and plumbers for larger tasks like changing lights, fixing leaky ceilings, and resolving allergen issues. From vacuuming to pressure washing, we have helped a diverse range of clients such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and grocery stores.

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Our dedicated custodians in Red Deer will make sure your facility is well-ordered and properly dusted on a regular basis.

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Let the professionals take care of building maintenance so you can focus on getting work done.